1. Placement of Child

A child will remain in the same session throughout the years. A request for change of session will have to be made early to the office and will be granted only when a vacancy is available.

2. First Week of Kindergarten

  1. We understand how difficult it may be for your child to be separated from you during the first few days of school.
  2. To ease this separation, you can prepare your child by talking about all of the exciting things he/she will be doing in school and the new friends he or she will be meeting.
  3. Tell your child you will take him or her to and from school for the first few days and that there is no need to worry when you say goodbye, because you will come back.
  4. We highly recommend that during the first week of Pre-Nursery or Nursery, you take your child to school and pick him/her up after that. When class begins, we ask that you say good-bye and leave.
  5. This separation may be difficult for both parent and child, but rest assured that your child will be well taken care of and happily occupied with many fun-filled activities.

3. Name / Bus Tags

This should be pinned onto the child's shirt for at least a month. This will greatly reduce any confusion during dismissal times.

4. Presence of Parents / Guardians

Parents / guardians and persons looking after children attending our Kindergarten are advised to leave the Kindergarten's premises when the sessions start.

5. Absence of Children / Illnesses & Emergencies

Parents / guardians should inform the Class Teacher or the Kindergarten Office whenever a child is away from school.

If your child vomits or has diarrhoea, a fever, a bad cough, or even a runny nose, please keep him / her at home to rest and recuperate.

Should your child fall sick in school, we will contact you to take him / her home.

In case of emergency, when we are unable to contact either parents, we will take your child to the nearest medical clinic for appropriate medical attention.

6. Safety of children

  1. Children are not allowed to wear jewellery of any kind in the Kindergarten.
    This is a precautionary measure to protect your child.
  2. Please inform the class teacher or the office in advance if someone other than the one approved, picks your child up on your behalf.

7. Dismissal after Sessions

  1. Parent / Guardian should make arrangements to fetch your child home promptly after their dismissal at the end of each session.
  2. Parent / Guardian MUST inform the class teacher or call the Kindergarten Office should you be late to pick your child up, or he / she is not going back with the bus on a particular day. In this instance, the bus drivers should be informed too.
  3. If you wish to fetch your child home earlier than the dismissal time, please SIGN OUT at the office.
  4. Parent / caregiver fetching your child is to go to the designated dismissal areas only.

8. Uniforms

All children are required to wear the Faith Kindergarten uniform. This can be purchased from the Kindergarten office.

The uniform should be worn with white canvas shoes with velco fasteners and white socks.

9. Birthdays

Children enjoy sharing this special day with their classmates. If you wish to celebrate your child's birthday in class, you may bring a birthday cake, paper plates and small forks. You can also prepare some tidbits/gifts for your child's classmates. Please arrange with the class teacher for any birthday celebration.

10. Field Trips

Several field trips will be conducted throughout the year.
A nominal fee will be charged to cover admission, transport costs etc

11. Special Events for Parents & Families

We encourage parents to be involved in the learning experiences of their children. During the school year, we may organise some special events for social and educational purposes. We look forward to meeting parents during these scheduled activities.

12. Fire-Drills

Regular practices for fire-drills will be conducted to ensure that children are aware of fire evacuation procedures in the event of a fire.

13. Change of Telephone Numbers / Address

Please inform the kindergarten of any change in your address or contact numbers.

14. Communication

  1. Parents/Guardians will be informed of events in our Kindergarten such as the kindergarten closing on a particular day or some special events etc through circulars issued to the children for them to bring home.
  2. A Blue Communication Book will also be issued to each child for messages from the class teacher. Please respond to the messages so that the teacher will know that the parent has read the messages. Please feel free to write your questions and express your concerns to the teacher through this Blue Book.

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