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   Other Fees

  For children registering for the N, K1 & K2 classes, vacancies are available only in the 2nd session. The 1st session is normally reserved for children from our existing classes. Any request for the 1st session will have to depend on vacancies available.  


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There are 4 terms in a year. Each term consists of 10 weeks.

  1. A Registration Fee of S$50 (citizen) and S$100 (non-citizen) (non-refundable & non-transferable) is payable upon enrolment.

  2. Deposit - One month's down-payment is required upon enrolment or Re-registration.
    This down-payment will be used to offset part of the first term fee of the academic year.
  1. In the event of a withdrawal, request for the refund of down-payment must be made in writing. The letter together with the deposit receipt will have to be submitted before 31st October of the registration year. After that date, the down-payment will not be refunded. After registration, if you wish to withdraw your child, please note that the down-payment will be refunded after a deduction of S$150.00
  1. Term fees:
    Fees are to be paid within the 1st week of each term.
    Cheques should be crossed and made payable to: "FAITH KINDERGARTEN".

    Term fees are payable as long as the child remains enrolled in our Kindergarten.
    No deduction of fee is allowed when a child is absent from the Kindergarten.
    There will be no refund of school fees, books & materials or uniforms purchased once the school term begins.
    One (1) month notice has to be given if you wish to withdraw your child from the Kindergarten.
  1. Re-Registration is necessary if your child wish to continue in the Kindergarten for the following year. Parents will be advised when the re-registration will be.
    A one-month down-payment will then be necessary.

  2. Other Payments:
    Payments are required for Guided Reading Books, Worksheets/ Workbooks, Stationery & Materials, Uniforms and Field Trips.
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